Community Message from Greater Manchester Police

The Group is happy to distribute this message from Greater Manchester Police in relation to the terrible events occurring in Manchester and Salford this week.

GMP will not tolerate the copy cat criminality that has been witnessed elsewhere in the country

GMP would urge individuals to respect their communities and not take advantage of the national situation by taking part in criminal activity

GMP will safeguard communities and businesses against sporadic disorder across Greater Manchester

A police operation is already in place to tackle any disturbances and we are determined to react quickly and robustly to any disturbances to prevent escalation of disorder

Crime is most effectively prevented when the police work hand in hand with partner organisations and communities across Greater Manchester

GMP is working closely with all communities to ensure their safety and security at all times

Communities can support the police operation by avoiding any areas where there are disturbances and reporting any criminal activity to the Police

Members of the community can email information to or call 0161 872 5050. In an emergency, where there is threat to life or a crime in progress, call 999.


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