What’s so good about Chorlton? Your opinion counts!

The Group has been contacted by Dawn Cole, a PhD student at Manchester University, to see if any local residents can help out with some research she is undertaking. The aim of her study is to improve understanding of how individuals and households make decisions about where to live. It will look how people form an overall impression of a local area, at the qualities which are attractive in a neighbourhood and how trade-offs are made between competing qualities. The project will also investigate how different people within a household come to agree on a place to live, looking at, for example who takes the lead in making the decision and at any compromises that are made.

Dawn would like to make contact with a cross-section of Chorlton residents, present, past and those looking to move into the area.

It only takes an hour of your time. Dawn interviews you in a very relaxed, conversational style to find out what your views are of the local area and records it for her study. No pressure. No right or wrong answers. Just your story, circumstances and opinions.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Dawn at dawn.cole@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

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