Group visits Arrowfield knife attack victim

Between Christmas and New Year, one of our friends on the Arrowfield estate, a 74-year-old lady, was the victim of a brutal knife attack in broad daylight as she waited at the bus stop on Arrowfield Road. She was seriously injured and required a number of days’ hospital treatment. She’s now back at home and is recovering.

The perpetrator has been caught and has pleaded guilty to the attack, so that’s a relief for our friend and the community in general.

At the weekend, members of the group went round to visit the victim and presented her with a bunch of flowers and the best wishes of the Group and the neighbourhood. We are pleased to report that, despite her ordeal and injuries, she is in fantastic spirits and is well on the road to recovery.

We wish her all the best for a full and speedy recovery, and hope to see her at one of our forthcoming events.

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